Finnish Ger (A.K.A. Fin. Ger)

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Harry Potter Fin. Gur
Finnish Ger (A.K.A. Fin. Ger) Universe: Harry Potter
Harry Potter Skull and Fin. Gur Baby
Fin. Ger Baby
Universe: Harry Potter

A Finnish Ger (Fin. Ger) is closely related to an Ajatar (also spelled Aiatar, Ajattaro or Ajattara) is a spirit [1] known as "Devil of the Woods". It is an evil female spirit that manifests as a snake or dragon. Ajatar is said to be the mother of the devil. She spreads disease and pestilence, any that look at her become ill, and she suckles serpents. Ajatar is related to the Lithuanian Aitvaras and the Estonian Äi, Äijo or Äijattar. She is in some ways similar to Babylonian Tiamat, dragon mother of the gods and goddesses.

The Finnish Ger is the Ajatar's male counterpart. It is said that the Fin. Ger possesses less power but is more driven by rage and less predictable.  


The word "ajatar" is possibly derived from the verb ajattaa, "to make pursue", of Finnish word ajaa, "to pursue" (also: "to drive").

Also Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren pictured Ajatar in her book Ronia the Robber's Daughter. In the book they were dangerous flying creatures with women's heads.


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