Gladria Petrov (Grindelwald)

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Gladria Petrov (Grindelwald) 1923 in Belozersk Russia
Universe: Harry Potter

Gladria Petrov (Grindelwald, born October 31st, 1901) is the little-known creator of the antisimus potion, a deadly potion that can spread like a virus through airborne particulates ejected during a sneeze of the original drinker. After becoming the apprentice of Gellert Grindelwald at the age of 6, she developed a strong ability for potion making. After attending the Durmstrang Institute she returned to Grindelwald’s services and shortly after disappeared. Her whereabouts remain unknown.

Early Life

She was born of Gellert Grindelwald, the most infamous dark wizard before Voldemort, and a Muggle woman named Maya Petrov. The two met at the end of the 19th century in Belozersk, Russia. Through Grindelwald’s budding belief in the superiority of wizards, he seduced Maya in order to use her for potion experimentation.

However, Grindelwald soon left Maya to travel throughout Europe rallying witches and wizards to his cause, and was unaware of Gladria’s birth. Upon returning to Belozersk to witness the results of his experimentation, he found Maya dead and the small child Gladria slowly burning everything in the house with a tiny controlled fire. When he saw Gladria’s eyes he knew she must be of his blood, and decided to keep her close. However, he was not affectionate toward Gladria, viewing her as an impure witch and a liability to his image as a promoter of pure blood superiority. He kept her in the potions room of his travelling case, and used her as slave labor in the deadly process of mixing dangerous and dark potions.


Instead of dying by poisoning or explosion in the potions room as Gellert assumed, Gladria mastered the subtle art at the tender age of ten, mixing forbidden potions and creating her own recipes. Upon her eleventh birthday, Gladria received the customary invitation to attend the Durmstrang Institute, a school of witchcraft and wizardry known for practicing the Dark Arts. The school was apprehensive about receiving Gladria, her father having been expelled from the Institute, but eventually was given the opportunity to attend. This was unknown to Gladria, and as she went by the name of her mother, the students did not connect her with her infamous father. She excelled while at Durmstrang, practicing potions that rivaled the most famous potions masters.

The Accident

Antisimus potion
Antisimus potion
Universe: Harry Potter

While at Durmstrang, she began work on a potion that erased all ailments. However, when changed slightly, the ingredients created a potion that spread through sneezing and killed all who inhaled its particulate. The house elves she used for testing were all killed, and the headmaster confiscated all materials, including the instructions in her potions books.

Mysterious Disappearance

Grindelwald still had spies within the school, and after learning what she had made, forced Gladria to return to his services. He demanded that she recreate the potion, and after multiple failures tortured her with the Cruciatus Curse.

It is unkown whether she succeeded in recreating the potion, but her legend at Durmstrang and her connection to Grindelwald grew, resulting in an urban myth of the antisimus potion, a potion that rendered all of your enemies instantly dead and harmed no one else. Shortly after, all trace of Gladria Grindelwald vanishes, and to this day her whereabouts are unknown.

Many purveyors of the Dark Arts and sinister apothecaries claim to carry a bottle of the antisimus potion, but none have been successfully verified.